Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Hey!

So yet again we are seeing my inability to keep a current blog..... I guess I'm just going to keep playing catch-up... but on the bright side, I am getting good at that! :) I have been home from Rexburg for about a month now and things are going pretty well. I am currently working 3.5 jobs and am busy as heck. I am working at a chiropractor's office here in Lehi, lifeguarding that the Lehi Legacy Center, doing some job shadowing at a local physical thearpy office and teaching some private swim lessons.... I work 6 days a week, swim 5 days a week, run 4 days a week, (I was trying to figure out something that I do only 3 and 2 days a week... haven't figured that one out yet....) and I go to the temple once a week. All in all life is pretty darn good.

In keeping with my whole 'live laugh love' theme I guess I would have to be sharing something I have learned about living. Things do not always go the way we plan. It only takes one word, one letter, an e-mail or a simple encounter to completely change your life. You can go from having a pretty good idea about some things in you life, to being completely clueless... And the even more amazing part about that is that something that you would have thought would have been devistating turns out to be incredibly liberating. Everything we go through is to help shape us and mold us into the person we are ment to be. People come into our lives, people become a part of our lives and sometimes, people fall out of our lives, but I have learned over the years that everyone who touches our lives is ment to teach us something about ourselves and if we let those opportunities pass we have lost the expereince. We have to learn when to let people in, when to hold on to them and when to let go if necessary.

Woah, I guess that was kind of deep... but that basically sums up my personal experiences for the past few weeks... without getting too personal... hahaha :) Hopefully I will get on top of this blogging thing... I really want to write more.... We will just have to see what happens :) I'm up for an adventure... are you?

1 comment:

  1. Oh kelsey, I love you lots. You are a strong and smart girl. And it sounds Like you have quite the busy life! <4 you! (that's more than less than 3)


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