Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have ad o look! something shiny!.....

Oh man oh man... I am having the hardest time concentrating right now, so I decided that I would write on my blog... I know.. productive right? Let me tell you why I am having trouble concentrating... it all started this morning at 5:15. My alarm went off telling me to go run and I DIDN'T!! Worst idea EVER! While the extra sleep was nice, it totally wasn't worth it. The I went to two classes... was done by ten. Came home and watched an entertaining hour of friends to relax before I plunged into the dark abis know as my homework. My homework today consisted of filling out 4, count them 1, 2, 3, 4, study guides for my strength training theory test on friday. I would like you to know that I finished 3 of them... and they are LONG! I was working on the last one just barely and I think my brain just stopped.
Other reason why I am having trouble concentrating on my homework is because I am running a DAM RACE in 3 days and I am so pumped! Ok, so yes, I said dam race, but I didn't swear! The race is the TETON DAM RACES, I will be running the half marathon. This will be my second half marathon and I am just so excited this time because I totally know what to expect and I KNOW that I can do better than I did last time! AH! Seriously.... I am so pumped! Anyways, there is my splurge of emotion for the evening. Other than the approaching DAM race there really isn't anything too exciting to report... we had midterms last week and I will know my grades tomorrow. The semester is more than half over which makes me happy. I am dirt poor and that keeps things exciting to say the least. I am working on throwing Heather a bridal shower in my free time (a.k.a. I should be working on it, but I haven't found the time yet....) and yeah... I think that is pretty much it. I think I'll go to bed now... sounds like a good plan. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So, secret confession time... I really like to take pictures. Ok, so I guess that really isn't much of a secret since my blog is full of pictures, but I do. So my roommate Heather is getting married in August and asked my if I would take their engagement pictures. I was super excited! So today we went out and took some! We are planning on taking some more tomorrow, but I just got done playing around on photoshop with these and wanted to put them up somewhere! Enjoy if you want! ;)Beautiful ring! :) Good job Eli.

This last one is my favorite of the ones that we took today!
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