Sunday, December 19, 2010

Done and Done.....

Well, it's over :) I finished finals last thursday and I couldn't be happier! I had three finals on thrusday, Anatomy, New Testament and CHEMISTRY. I got a 120/125 on my anatomy final, 67/50 on my New Testament final, and...... 79% on my Chem final!!! That means I might even be able to pull a B- in that class! I am so happy about that because I honestly hate chemistry and will be so happy if I never have to do anything pertaining to that subject again! And I don't think I will have to... at least in my undergrad studies! Overall, finals went great and I am glad to be wrapping up my semester and starting my break. (Don't know how much of a break it wil be, but I'll talk about that later!)
On friday I had the opportuinty to participate in the dedicaiton of the new BYU-Idaho Center on campus. It was incredible! That building is incredible and the service was amazing. The symphony played in the meeting and it really was just an awesome experience!
After the dedication I packed up my car, moved most of my stuff into storage and then drove home... which took WAY longer than it needed to but I got home safe. Last night Dani and I went to the Salt Lake airport to get on a plane to fly to Boise to visit our Dad. When we got there we found out that our flight was delayed an hour, and we were like, oh well. So we were waiting and chillin in the airport. We finally boarded our fligt aroud 6:20 (we were supposed to leave at 5:35) By the time everyone was on, fueled and de-iced we took off around 6:45. Just 10 minutes away from landing we were put into a holding pattern because the Boise airport had shut down due to a snow storm. We tried to land but apparently couldn't see the runway so the pilot pulled up and the sent us back to Salt Lake. Once we landed in Salt Lake, we were all expecting to have to get off and figure out what to do from there.... But wehn we landed they told us that we were going to re-fuel and fly back to Boise. Hahahaha! So we finally got into Boise around 10:45 pm. All in all we feel pretty lucky that considering how much we fly that has only happend once. Now I am just chillin in Boise enjoying a little R & R from the semester! :)
Well, thats it for now from me :) Until next time....

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  1. High on a mountain top....a badger chased a squirrel.... :)


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