Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So with the semester almost half over, and this being my fourth semester up here I have been thinking alot about the future. I technically am a junior this semester so the thought of grad school has been on my mind a lot. Also, with some of the experiences I have been dealing with this semester I have really been thinking about who I am and what I want. It really has been great! I have learned a lot about myself. One, I have learned that I am stronger than I thought. I have found, time and time again that I have this way of dealing with things that makes them seem easier. This is something that I am really grateful for. Second, I have decided that I am an extreamly motivated person, with a one track mind sometimes. I know that neither of these are totally new things but they are things that I was reminded of.

Ok, so direction for the future... I have decided what I want to do with my life. I want to be an Athletic Trainier and I am so excited about it. I am starting to look into the requirements for grad school and all that jazz. The more I look at it the more excited I get.

I am enjoying the semester with my roommates, they really are the greatest. I don't know where I would be without them! They are amazing! Heather is getting married in August so we have been helping her with that too.

Basically I think the point of this point is that if you have some direction and a goal in sight, dealing with change isn't as hard as it could be. Life is just good :)

OH!! I almost forgot! I would like to give a little shout out to my little sister! Tomorrow Dani is graduating from Lehi High School and I am so proud of her! She will be swimming at BYU-Provo and I couldn't be prouder!! I love you Dani!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh Canada.....

Alright kids, I'm sure you have all stopped reading this by now because you know that I definitely fail at this blogging thing. I have good excuses I PROMISE! This post is just one explaination! ;) maybe I will explain more later, but I really wanted to share my trip to Canada. So here goes. On April 12, 2010 I got on a bus at 6:00 AM with 34 other sinfonietta member and one fantastic conductor and embarked on our two week journey of British Columbia, Canada and Washington, USA. For those to AMAZING weeks we lived out of a 3x2x2 bag, a charter bus, LDS stake centers and member's homes. It was a fantastic experience. One I would take again in a heart beat if I had a chance, even if it ment missing the first week of school again. These pictures are just a few of the MANY I took. :) IT WAS AMAZING!! Oh and P.S. I need to introduce you to Kelly. You will see lots of her in the following pictures because we hung out together the WHOLE time! :) So here goes.... I hope your excited!
First stop, Cranbrook, BC. While we were in Cranbrook we had the opportunity to visit a History of Rail Travel museum. It was so cool! They had 4 trains in different stages of the restoration process, all from different time periods. This train we are standing in front of is from the early 1900's I believe.
Our group for the train tour. Basically we are the coolest. After this, we went and changed, at dinner provided for us by our 'host stake' and played our concert. (The changing, eating and performing thing happend 12 times in these two weeks. AWESOME!)

This is me on the bus.... on my 20th birthday! Yes dear friends, I celebrated my birthday in Canada. It was great. This bus also became our home away from home... be spent at least 4 hours a day on this bus.... sometimes more. It was great!

This my friends is Trail, BC (on my birthday). Basically it is so pretty! Everywhere we went in Canada was down right breathtaking. We got to spend 2+ hours here. Also, Kelly told everyone that it was my birthday and our tour manager went and bought ice cream sandwiches form my birthday. It was great!
Alright, this has to be one of the major highlights of this trip. The family we stayed with while we were at Trail was so AMAZING! They really made this a night to remember, plus and awesome birthday! While we were eating some snacks after our concert, the husband in the family we were staying with got really excited when he found out that I had brought my camera with me. He ran downstairs and came back up with this Mountie uniform asking me and Kelly if we wanted to try it on. We both looked at eachother and said YES!!!! It was so much fun and he was so excited to let us try them on. Staying with this couple was like staying with grandparents. So so awesome!
This is a view of Castlegar, which is actually where we stayed when we performed in Trail. It, once again was beautiful!

FAVORITE FAMILY!! I love this couple!!! Aren't they just adorable?!? They gave us possibly our best night on tour.

Ok, Kalona, BC. This is my bird friend named Budah. Some kind of falcon. The bird control man was flying her around to get the ducks off the lawn and away from the shore. I don't think she likes me very much......
Ferndale, WA. When we stayed in Ferndale, we stayed with a family that had a 5 acre lot so on sunday after church we went exploring!! This was just a really cool old building on their lot, but it gives you and idea of how pretty it was there!

While in Ferndale, the family took us to the beach, since the lived like 10 minutes away. It was really fun. I had never been to a northwest beach before and they are definitely nothing like the beaches in California. You WOULD NOT want to walk barefoot on this beach, unless you wanted to slice your feet open. Oh and did you know that clams spit? True story.

Vancover is absolutely beautiful!! We stayed in a super nice marriot hotel in downtown Vancover, about 3 blocks away from the ocean and the Olympic torch. We had a fair amount of free time to walk around and terrorize, I mean explore! :)

Our fantastic Vancover group in front of the Olympic torch! It is pretty darn cool! Oh and this is like the only time that we didn't have to be all matchy matchy :) The only time I wore my jeans the whole trip. It rocked!
While in Vancover, we had the opportunity to attend the Vancover Temple open house. It was BREATHTAKING! I love the temple and am so excited for the time that I can go into the temple to do more than just baptisms. It was just awesome!

Yakima, WA we got to go bowling!! It was so much fun! P.S. these people are some of my favorite sinfonietta people!! You have me, Piers, Kelly, Cole and Brian. We basically were the coolest lane ever. Ok, so before you scroll down and see the next picture, I want to tell you the story first. Going into bowling, I was talking smack to Piers about how I was going to beat him. Totally in jest, I mean if you know me, I'm not an awful bowler but I am by no means fantastic either. So the first game goes and I scored second highest behing Piers (who missed a turkey by one pin... this is important to remember). We started the second game and I was doing ok, really close to the other girl in our lane (not pictured... don't think she really liked us) who was trying to beat Piers. So at the 7th frame, Kelly and Cole leaned over and said, hey Kelsey, you could beat her... and it would be AWESOME! I was like yeah that would be cool and I went up to take my turn. Threw the ball and got a strike! SWEET right? Well next frame I did it again!! By this time Piers is freaking out saying that if I get a turkey when he barely missed it that he would be mad and yadda yadda, so I go up on the 9th frame and throw another strike. Who knew!? So by this time, everyone is watching me go. Its my turn for the 10th fram and I throw one, two more strikes!! I missed the third strike by 1 PIN! Ahhhhhh!! O well, it was so cool!!! I just had to take a picture! :)
Definitely a lifetime high score. :) Probably will never happen again, but it was pretty darn cool, I must admit!

Back in Rexburg after an AMAZING once in a lifetime experience!! I will never forget these two weeks or the friendships that I have made! I wish I could do it again! :)
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