Sunday, December 6, 2009


Life is hard. Life is full of challenges. But, Life is GREAT. Life is great and the hard times are made easier and better by the people that we keep around us. (I promise I'm ok, but I just came to some realization of some things and thought I would share.) I have such great friends and roommates. My roommates are amazing and have changed my life. Two of my guys friends have had the same affect on me this semester. Because of them I am a better person and I am better able to deal with the things that I face in my life. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Anyways, that was just something that I had beent hinking about a lot and thought I would share. So on friday I did something totally fun and sweet. I did a Murder Mystery dinner and it was AWESOME!! There were 8 of us that went to dinner at Wendy's then came back to my apartment to play the game. It was super intense but don't worry, my character was not the murderer, I was just the knocked up cheerleader... Tehra was a nerd. haha :) it was really fun to spend a night with my friends. This is the whole murder mystery group. Dallin, the one in the brown sweater behind Tehra was the murder... Dallin how could you?!?

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