Friday, February 11, 2011

Thomas James Coleman

For those of you who don't know, this is my amazing cousin, Tommy Coleman. In this picture he is a little over two and a half years old. Tommy was called back to live with his Heavenly Father on Sunday, Feburary 6, 2011.
This week has been full of ups and downs... definitely the most intense emotional rollercoaster I have ever been on. When something this dramatic and this tragic happens, there is no way for you to go through the experience and come out on the other side as the same person as you were going into it. As much as it was an extreme emotional experience this week, it was in incredible learning and life changing experience for me. I feel like I have so much to say about my experiences this week, but I don't know where to start, and even if I did, I am struggling to find the right words. Here are some things I learned/experienced/remembered this week:
1. Life is precious, never let it pass you by. So many times is it easier to push things off and to get busy and caught up in un-important things. I have been reminded that we need to take the time to enjoy our families and not let the little things stress us out more than they need to. REMEMBER WHAT IS IMPORTANT!
2. My family is incredible. Seriously, I have one of the best families that I know. Watching my mom drop everything when we got the news to go to Idaho to help out to watching everything come together for the funeral services was amazing. It all really came together like a beautifully orchestrated performance.
3. When we face adversity, we are never alone. There have been so many tender mercies and a special spirit of peace and calming around all of us this week. It's incredible that you can go through something this tragic and come out with a deeper understanding of our purpose in life and feel at peace with the accident that took a sweet spirit from our world to the spirit world to be with our Eternal Father.
4. There is an ultimate plan for our lives, and our Father has worked out the details. As we have become more aware of the details surround little Tommy's accident and even the months leading up to Sunday evening it is so so clear that everything was prepared, even down to some small, seemingly insignificant details, so that he could return home to his Father in Heaven. It really has been incredible.

While the loss of Tommy from our lives now is hard we know that he is with our Father in Heaven and that he is more needed there than he was here. I love Tommy, and feel so blessed to have know him. He truely blessed my life through his life, and even in his passing. He is an incredible boy. Until we meet again Tommy, God be with you.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And Life Goes On....

Well, I figured since I re-organized my whole blog I should at least put a post up... so here it is! Not much new to report, as the title suggests. Life just keeps going on, same o'l business: swim, work, run, work, eat, work, etc.. Sounds exciting right? Work has been going pretty well, I am getting lots of hours and so I am thinking that I sould be able to pay for my next two semesters by the end of this break, which I definitely feel good about.
Since my though process seems too be really slow right now, and in an effort to keep from dragging this on and on, I'm signing off for now :)
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